About Beautiful River Landscape Design

Beautiful River would like to help you turn your outdoor spaces into beautiful places. For more than 34 years, Beautiful River has been creating unique gardens, and offering comprehensive residential landscape design,
installation and maintenance. They will help you to extend your living space out into your yard, help you to enjoy every inch of your property, and also increase your property’s value.

During the summer months, it pays to make your backyard a sanctuary from the chaos of modern life. Beautiful River will analyze the layout of your property, and your particular needs. They can optimize your available space, making smaller spaces seem larger, highlighting certain views and hiding others. Managing everything from the planning to the planting, from the furnishings to the hardscape, Beautiful River can handle every aspect of your landscape design, including water features and other screening structures – for a polished and refined look.

A professional landscape designer can bring many things to your project, and Beautiful River brings expertise in specialty gardens, including annual, bulb, perennial and container garden installation, and hard-to-find plants. Creating a master plan with you, they can even provide digital renderings of proposed landscaping, to show you how your finished project will look. And their Certified Landscape and Nursery Professionals (CNLP) can also create a phased master plan, which can be implemented over time . They’ll take all of your desires into
consideration, making sure that your design is based on sound planning, and will please you for years to come.

As part of their plan, they’ll discuss with you the level of maintenance you’d like to do. For the avid gardener, nothing is too much, but many prefer a more hands-off approach. Beautiful River offers weekly or seasonal lawn and garden services, including specialized maintenance programs. “It’s not your typical landscape service,” says landscape designer Ben Hirsch, “we care about gardens, down to the smallest detail.”

Beautiful River specializes in crafting elegant outdoor spaces. From the initial consultation, through the
installation, to the continued maintenance, Beautiful River would love to create your unique garden.